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Looking for a basic intro to public relations and how it all works? Whether you’re looking for a simple overview or PR and how it works or guidance on writing, pitching and PR strategy, we have the resources to help you. Check out our eBooks to keep expanding your knowledge base.
From media release writing to pitching support, take advantage of our a la carte services to get the support where and when you need it.
Training Programs
Take advantage of our training programs, from online self-paced courses to face-to-face 2-day accelerator programs. We have something for everyone looking to ramp up their PR.
Media Lists & Platform
Looking to build your media list? Do you want regular access to media contacts? Then be sure to check out our platform. Not only do you receive a database of thousands of media contacts, but you’ll also have access to education and knowledge support, including eBooks, templates, live office hours and our Facebook group. Join the Handle Your Own PR family today!

The PR Accelerator

If you know what you’re doing, managing your own PR is easy and it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow your business.

The best thing about PR? It’s free! If you pitch your story right, the media will run it for nothing, and the rewards are huge. Unfortunately, paying a PR agency is so expensive that your free media coverage starts to look pretty expensive.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer our annual PR Accelerator course to youteach small groups of 10 business owners to do their own PR. We want to empower you to reap the benefits of PR without paying over $3000 per month to an agency for the privilege.

We want to empower you to reap the benefits of PR without the hefty price tag. Now you can ensure your PR is successful with our 12-month PR Accelerator program. Join us for a full 12-month program where we will help you develop every aspect of your PR for the year, including a 2-day media strategy and implementation workshops every 3 months. Options for live and streaming attendance is available.

At each event you will:
  • Focus on YOUR business goals
  • Brainstorm the best story angles for your business with PR professionals and journalists
  • Plan your next 3 months of media pitches
  • Write and format 3 media releases and accompanying pitches
  • Learn what to say when talking to the media and who to speak to
  • Define your target market and target media
  • Build your media contact lists

By the end of each accelerator event, you will not only understand how to manage your own PR campaigns, but you will also everything you need to drive your own PR campaigns for the next three months. Over the 12 months you will have:

  • 12 newsworthy angles (minimum)
  • 12 completed media releases (we have publicists and journalists to help you write)
  • FREE access to our online PR platform for 12 months.
  • Unlimited journalist contacts for 12 months (priceless!)

All this for only $500 per month. Our single, one-off Accelerator events are $3,000 per event. With the annual PR Accelerator subscription, you’re only paying $1500 per accelerator, plus ongoing office hours support and media database access.

“The HYOPR Accelerator gave me a much greater understanding of how to write a media release and contact journalists as well as the amazing database they have. Within a day I had a positive response from the health reporter at SMH as well as the health reporter from national nine news the following week. This was just the first week alone. I am excited about how the year will go.”
Taylor Harrison, Founder of Active Seniors, Author


For up to 3 hours’ personal attention, at a time that suits you, one-on-one coaching may be the solution.

The coaching hours can be as flexible as you like, tailored to your schedule. We can work through campaign preparation very quickly (in 1-2 weeks) or more slowly over 3-4 weeks. Just let us know the pace you are comfortable with and we’ll accommodate you accordingly.

During this time, Handle Your Own PR will help you:

  • Work out the right newsworthy angle/s for your PR goals
  • Consider what supporting material you should have (research, client comments, etc.)
  • Learn to use the PR platform and give you free access for the duration of the coaching + 1 month
  • Write your media release with advice along the way and tweak as-needed
  • Draft your media pitch, including the accompanying email or what to say should you talk via phone
  • Build your media contact lists
  • Work out alternative angles if the first angle doesn’t work (it happens!)
  • Develop a 3-6 month plan for your ongoing PR campaigns 
  • $2500

Melbourne Headache Centre
Roger O’Toole from the Melbourne Headache Centre is a physio who treats patients with an amazing technique to eliminate migraine. He had some one-on-one coaching with Jules to understand the process and his newsworthy angles. After writing his media release, he pitched it to the Herald Sun.
The journalist loved the story and it ran in the first few pages of the paper along with a big photo. Then things started to take off! 3AW called and he did an interview for them, and then an interview for each of the nightly news programmes during the course of the day.
From that point on, he got about 1 inquiry per minute for the next two hours on his website and the inquiries kept coming by phone and online for the next few days. By the end of the second day, Roger had received 7 months’ worth of bookings. The publicity he got from just one media release took his business to a whole new level!

PR Basics – Online Training


If you want to learn the basics of PR so you can then implement what you learn, at your own speed, then the Handle Your Own PR online training is your perfect solution! It includes:

  • 6 part video series (recorded at our popular online boot camp – each episode is 35-55 minutes long)
  • eWorkbook – designed to take you through the process but with examples and space for you to start to put together your campaign
  •  $349

PR Boot Camp – Online Training


Take advantage of our live streaming, 6-week PR Boot Camp training. If you’re looking for ongoing support for your campaign or if you’re just getting your PR off the ground, then this is the course for you! We connect live via Zoom once per week as a group to talk PR and to answer questions you have. You’ll also gain free access to our PR platform and media database for the duration of the program + 1 month.

Implement what you learn each week and watch your media coverage soar! This training includes:

  • 6 live streaming Zoom group meetings (we’ll also record these meetings in case you need to miss a meeting). Including questions, answers and discussion, each meeting is approximately 45 to 60 minutes long—we stay as long as you have questions.
  • eWorkbook – designed to take you through the process but with examples and space for you to start to put together your campaign
  • Free access to our PR platform and media database for the duration of the program + 1 month
  • $600 total. That’s $100 per week to get your next campaign and overall PR strategy up and running!

“I’ve been doing the training and it’s great! Best money I’ve spent on my business”.
Hannah Naylor, Effortless Eco
“We are implementing the training and with two upcoming launches over the next few weeks I am finding I am much more confident and on the front foot with our client’s marketing departments as far as delivering press releases and contacting the media, also feeling the love with your support and knowing we can touch base with questions.”
Tina Kopa, Ramus Illumination


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