PR PRO TIP: It’s not about you! How to approach pitch- and media release-writing

When we pitch the media, we’re reaching out because we want their help. We want them to write about our brand to help us spread the word and grow our business. But there’s a secret sauce to writing a killer pitch and media release and it starts in your mindset. Ready? Here it is…

It’s not about you! I know it’s counter-intuitive, because (technically) it is about you and your brand or product or service. But that goes without saying. Any editor or producer knows that you think your product is awesome. Otherwise you wouldn’t be asking them to write about you. Now it’s your job to help them tell the story in a way their readers will care about.

Think about how including your product or service in their publication or show will deliver value to their audience.

Can you offer expert comment around a well-defined trend or industry niche? Do you have some interesting research to share? Are you doing something particularly innovative that your media contact’s audience will be interested in?

Answer those questions and your pitch and press release will be well on its way to success.

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