Meet the warrior mom who goes the distance for spinal cord injury awareness

Warrior Momz advocate Kay Ledson generated a lot of media interest when she walked more than 3,000 miles to raise awareness for those living with spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

Josh—Kay’s son—was 18 when a serious injury left him quadriplegic in 2000. He was told he would never get out of bed or walk again. But today, through years of activity-based therapy (ABT) ABT, Josh is walking again.

To help bring awareness of the importance of ABT for all SCI survivors, Kay walked from California to Washington DC. In her journey, she learned a lot about the power of PR and social media.

Kay and I had a chance to catch up on her experience, which started just about one year ago. Check out our convo to hear more about Kay’s PR successes and lessons learned as she continues to push ahead with the SCI awareness movement.

Here’s the snapshot of our conversation and her experience of handling her own PR as she trekked across the country – you’ll have to watch the interview for more:

  • Local media helped with awareness
  • Social made a big difference
  • Getting national coverage was challenging

Her advice:

  • Don’t give up—keep telling the story. In the beginning it’s hard. But it’s like building a house. And with a strong foundation comes credibility.
  • It’s about getting your message out and the only way you can get the message out is through the media.
  • Budget for a PR agency wasn’t possible, so she and the team pieced it together themselves and it worked.
  • If you really believe in something and you want it to work, just keep at it.
  • Be gutsy—you might get rejected one day and then a great story the next.

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