An interview with The Mogul Mom Editor-in-Chief Gabriella Ribeiro

Gabriella Ribeiro offers a space for mompreneurs to network in beast mode, so there’s a reason people far and wide want to see their content on The Mogul Moma powerful small business resource providing educational, actionable, inspiring tips, ideas, and information to mompreneurs everywhere.

With 30+ pitches coming her way every day, Gabriella shares the types of pitches that catch her eye, and the tactics that do (and don’t) work when looking to get your content on The Mogul Mom.

In addition to serving as owner and chief editor of The Mogul Mom, she’s running three businesses and has to move fast to keep up. In short, she’s busy and doesn’t have time to dig into a pitch to try and decipher its meaning. Want to grab her attention? Or any member of the media’s attention? Pay attention to her words of wisdom!

Watch the interview to learn how and when she prefers to be contacted, the best way to follow-up, her preference for contributed content over content generated and more!

Watch the interview here. Learn more about The Mogul Mom and check out the guest post guidelines if you’re interested in seeing your work featured on the site.

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